Announcing The Nuada Press Lovecraft Series

H.P. Lovecraft although virtually unknown during his lifetime, is perhaps one of the most influential figures in science fiction horror of the 20th century. His works, originally published in pulp magazines, have shaped decades of film, comics, books and games. From the classic 1985 film Re-Animator, to the Alone in the Dark game series for PC and console, the work of Lovecraft and the Cthulhu mythology he helped create has had a profound impact on popular culture.

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Comics In Schools

When I was young the best thing you could say about comics is that “Classic Comics” might introduce a child to the name of some of the world’s great literature. Comics were usually considered mind-numbing tripe. You certainly would never have seen one used in a school. Times have changed. Comics and graphic novels have become more accepted as a legitimate form of art and literature. They are making their way into classrooms and courses at universities. For many, however, the stigma of comics has remained.

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The Future for Comics and Games

With comics now reaching more people than ever, thanks partly to the film franchises and gaming talked about more in the mainstream zeitgeist the time for intellectual studies of the fields is apparent. As with many subjects that start off as pulp and kid culture, the gaming, and comic mediums are slowly moving to be more legitimate fields. Courses are offered in these areas at most universities, and many will even allow students to specialize and focus on them offering degrees and certificates in the study. These are fields that deserve study and need to understand truly the changing nature of the culture.

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Announcing The Margins Of Comics

From Author J. Andrew Deman a look at different groups in comics. What are the consequences for an art-form when it establishes  century-long tradition of taking the low road when it comes to representations of women, racial minorities and geeks?More importantly, how can an art-form move beyond such a tradition? Comics have frequently relied upon Othering practices such as stereotype when representing minority characters. 

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