Call for Manuscrips

Nuada Press is proud to announce that we are currently seeking manuscripts for
consideration. Nuada, an imprint of Ronald P. Frye & Co. Book Publishers, is focused
on publishing in-depth academic studies of Comics and Gaming. Ronald P. Frye & Co.
already publish Comics and Gaming Magazine (CGMagazine) and are looking to expand
the coverage of this field. Whether the manuscript is concerned primarily with comics,
gaming, or a mix of both, we are seeking studies that explore the art, development,
design, philosophy, and social/political impact of comics and gaming. Manuscripts may
be reflective, research-based, or programmatic. This is beneficial for any members of
your faculty looking to be published, so feel free to communicate this to your academic

The Audience of Nuada Press is expected to be university educated, with a strong drive
to understand and explore the subject of comics and gaming in a reflective, socially
conscious way. We plan to ensure our books will be made available to any university
programs that will contribute to the education of this new and vibrant field.
Works accepted for publication must demonstrate a scholarly excellence as well as be
informative and engaging.

Submission Requirements:
1) Query Letter
2) Author Bio (please include phone number, mailing address and an author photo, if
3) Submission Annotation – Synopsis including approximate length.
4) Manuscript File (PDF, Microsoft Word)
5) Approximately how many photographs and/or line drawings (charts, graphs,
diagrams, etc.) do you plan to include? If illustrations are planned, please send
photocopies of sample art—do not send original photographs, artwork, negatives, or
any materials that are irreplaceable.
6) Will the book include cases, questions, problems, glossaries, bibliography,
appendices, etc.? If so, please describe and indicate how many of each.
7) Describe any plans for ancillary materials (workbook, teacher manual etc.).

You must confirm that this is not a public domain work and that you hold the necessary
publishing rights. A simple statement in your query letter will suffice for submissions.
If the manuscript is accepted for publication an editor will be assigned to the project in
order to ensure it is acceptable for retail sale. Proof books, along with cover designs, will
be sent to you for approval before the book is finalized.

Books can be sent by mail or email. All email book submissions should be sent to
[email protected]

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