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Thrilling Wonder Stories December 1942 - Greeting Card

In 1936 Ned Pines at Beacon Publications, purchased Hugo Gernsback’s financially unsuccessful Wonder Stories and changed the name to Thrilling Wonder Stories to match the rest of the “Thrilling” line. Thrilling Wonder Stories continued for nearly 20 years.

The first issue appeared in August 1936—four months after the last Gernsback Wonder Stories appeared. Wonder Stories had been monthly until the last few Gernsback issues; Thrilling Wonder was launched on a bimonthly schedule. A year later Thrilling Wonder went monthly; this lasted fewer than eighteen months, and the bimonthly schedule resumed after April 1941. In mid-1943 the magazine went to a quarterly schedule. The quarterly schedule lasted until well after World War II ended: Thrilling Wonder returned to a bimonthly schedule with the December 1946 issue. After the beginning of 1955, Thrilling Wonder was merged with Startling, which itself ceased publication at the end of 1955.

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