J. Andrew Deman

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J. Andrew Deman specializes in the comics medium. His research is published in Femspec, Critical Survey of  Graphic NovelsAmerican Visual Memoir After the 1970s, English Studies Forum, TRANSverse, Canadian Graphic (winner of the 2017 Gabrielle Roy prize), and in his recent book The Margins of Comics (available from Nuada Press). Andrew also served as a featured expert for the ten part comics documentary series INK: Alter Egos Exposed, and Andrew is the Past President of the Canadian Society for the Study of Comics (CSSC).

When not working, Andrew can be found chasing after his children, shouting “be careful,” and, as a party trick, Andrew can lower his respiratory rate to below that of a hibernating bear, which should give one a sense of the poor quality of the parties that Andrew attends.

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